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  • 1 hour ago  4:22    12 NOTES    via   source    reblog
    Hannibal  fanart  nsfw 


    I wear a veil as he wore a face, for the oldest reason there is for anything: to be accepted. The Doctor regenerated in your presence. The young man disappeared, the veil lifted. He trusted you.

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    Mad dogs are put down.

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    But it’s home

    7 hours ago  22:17    49735 NOTES    via   source    reblog

    Daily Madancy Headcanon


    I said

    But Imagine OmegaHugh though. just begging for that Daddy AlphaMads knot. Mewling and whimpering, legs spread and his tight little hole gushing slick for him. Wanting to be bred like the eager little slut he is.

    I AM IN BED aBOUT TO SLEep AND YOU BRING ThIs TO MY DOOR?! SHAME ON YOU. It got super hot in here though bro. I hate you, actively. I will remind myself everyday.

    With Hugh’s high pitched mewls and whimpers Mads foregoes the slow pleasurable build up, well aware his little boy needs it rough and frenzied. Head pushed down hard into the mattress as one large callous hand leaves Hugh’s hip- the alpha tugs his damp errant curls just to hear the beautiful melody he can elicit, the hand soon comes to rest at the small of the omegas back, anchoring him. Each thrust more punishing than the last as both men pant and groan, the harsh sound of flesh on flesh rising in the hotel room as they chase their releases.

    Come morning his omega will be sore and full of his hot seed.

    7 hours ago  22:14    6 NOTES    via   source    reblog


    i have 3 moods for characters:

    • the ruler of my heart please step on me 
    • precious child must be protected at all costs 
    • complete trash yet ironically my favorite character
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    …and that’s the show. blah my painting skills are so rusty

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    Dylan O’Brien at the MTV Movie Awards 2014 (x)


    8 hours ago  21:59    19706 NOTES    via   source    reblog
    Anonymous asked:
    will emotionally manipulates alana far more than anyone ever calls him out for and despite all the shit he puts her through and the fact that she KNOWS he tried to murder hannibal and killed and mutilated randall she STILL defends him to kade prurnell in mizumono. look me in the eyes and tell me she hates him, anon.
    8 hours ago  21:55    19 NOTES    via   source    reblog
    In about 15 minutes, maybe 30, I am going to do something that will make you hate me. And love me.

    Oh sweet Jesus, what is it? Not like last time right. Oh god not Madancy?!

    8 hours ago  21:49       reblog